Body fire and a
cool head.


Enjoying holidays is not only about spas and delicious food, but also the good feeling of having achieved something. Going home a few kilos lighter and with more muscles, balance and inner calm, for example. Anyone who believes that sports and holidays don’t go together cannot have seen our gym and our included program of activities.

With a great view of the mountains and the green spa park, you can train on modern Technogym equipment in the Sky Spa. The view will make you forget the treadmill under your feet.
Anyone who prefers to work out with others can join our activity trainers and fill up on Chi in our yoga classes on the rooftop terrace, can set off into nature with walking poles or light their body fire in the gym. Our fitness trainer will be happy to provide you with tailored training sessions.

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The Sky Spa Activity Programm
A healthy back
Mobilization- and strengthening exercises especially for the spine and back muscles.
Core Workout
When speaking of the core of the body, one talks about the area between the midriff and the pelvis. The local and global muscles of the core are strengthened through stabilization exercises.
Fit for the day
Morning workout with body weight exercises for the whole body.
Guided e-mountain bike tours
The guided e-mountain bike tours can be booked before your arrival or directly at the reception.
Legs, Bums & Tums
Specific strengthening exercises for these body parts.
Nordic Walking
This sport has its origins in cross-country skiing and is practiced with sticks. By using the right technique the whole body is activated. Tension in the shoulder and neck area can be released through regular training.
Personal Training
Price: 85.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Personal Training
Exercise that is custom tailored for you. Together with our wellness trainer, you will define the goals that are close to your heart and get your own personal and bespoke exercise plan. For an agile mind dwells in an agile body.
Is a soft but efficient training method of fitness for body and mind developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Single muscles or muscle systems are activated, relaxed or stretched. Particular focus is put on the core of the body (powerhouse) and the specific breathing, which is used during every treatment.
Qi Gong
Is a Chinese form of meditation, concentration, respiration and movement that nurtures body and mind. This technique is also present in the martial arts. Qi gong is said to harmonize and regulate the qi-flow.
Stretch & Relax
Mobilization exercises and stretching for the whole body. Stretching can reduce muscle tensions, stretch shortened muscles and improve the muscle tonus. This leads to less muscular imbalances and thus ultimately to avoids false posture. 
This old Indian practice aims to rediscover the human potential. Deep breaths calm the mind and combined with movement they stimulate the flow of the different yoga positions (Asana). This leads gradually to a state of dynamic meditation. Flexibility, increased power and concentration are just a few positive effects of regular practice, but they are only an instrument to reach the ultimate goal: self-consciousness on the highest level.
Yoga Private Coaching
Price: 85.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Dynamic private yoga lessons adapted to your needs. Practice of specific „asanas“ combined with breath control that affects the nervous system directly, calms the mind and gives new flexibility to the body.

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