The Sky Spa fitness zone

Personal training and modern equipmentWork out with a view at the Sky Spa fitness zone.

Sky Spa Fitness - Training with a view

Explore the nature of your body

Health and Fitness are inseparable. Activate your inner fire and harmonise your mind in the fitness zone of the Sky Spa. While the eye wanders over the green of the Therme Park and gazes beyond the colourful horizon, you can challenge your body on brand new fitness equipment.
It’s all about meditative techniques, muscle growth, weight loss and a well balanced fitness regime. Because a nimble mind lives in an agile body.

Individual Programs, group-training or a simple workout by yourself: movement tailored to your specific needs- adapted to each nature.


  • Various lessons ranging from active to calming exercises
  • Personal Training for your individual training needs
  • Newest training equipment from Technogym
  • Training with a spectacular view

The Sky Spa activity program

…keeps you fit!

With the stunning view from our fitness center, training will feel like a walk in the park.. A yoga-lesson on the panoramic rooftop terrace, a total body training in our exercise room or Nordic Walking in the heart of Merano – our qualified fitness coach awaits with our weekly changing active offer.

All of these lessons are included in the room rates!


This old Indian practice aims to rediscover the human potential. Deep breaths calm the mind and combined with movement they stimulate the flow of the different yoga positions (Asana). This leads gradually to a state of dynamic meditation. Flexibility, increased power and concentration are just a few positive effects of regular practice, but they are only an instrument to reach the ultimate goal: self-consciousness on the highest level.


Is a soft but efficient training method of fitness for body and mind developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Single muscles or muscle systems are activated, relaxed or stretched. Particular focus is put on the core of the body (powerhouse) and the specific breathing, which is used during every treatment.


Is a Chinese form of meditation, concentration, respiration and movement that nurtures body and mind. This technique is also present in the martial arts. Qi gong is said to harmonize and regulate the qi-flow.


This sport has its origins in cross-country skiing and is practiced with sticks. By using the right technique the whole body is activated. Tension in the shoulder and neck area can be released through regular training.


Morning workout with body weight exercises for the whole body.


It consists of 5 to 12 exercises which are done consecutively at stations. Each station has to be repeated for a specific number of iterations or for a certain amount of time. The workout consists of pure bodyweight exercises or exercises with small equipment (stretch bands, gymnastic balls etc.)


When speaking of the core of the body, one talks about the area between the midriff and the pelvis. The local and global muscles of the core are strengthened through stabilization exercises.


Specific strengthening exercises for these body parts.


Mobilization exercises and stretching for the whole body. Stretching can reduce muscle tensions, stretch shortened muscles and improve the muscle tonus. This leads to less muscular imbalances and thus ultimately to avoids false posture.


Mobilization- and strengthening exercises especially for the spine and back muscles.

Changing active program in our Sky Spa.
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