Seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies

Tips from Dr. Peracchi

Spring is here, and with it many discomforts for people with allergies. Pollen and grass cause unpleasant annoyances. Is there something we can do?

We asked Dr. Alessandro Peracchi, medical director of our Medical Spa:
"Unfortunately, an allergy affects our entire body, from the mucous membranes to the skin. In the Medical Spa at Hotel Terme Merano we successfully use quercetin, which counteracts the release of histamine in the body. Vitamin C is also important, as it not only ensures a strong immune system, but also reduces the organic reaction in the body. My advice is to take one Resveratrol capsule in the morning before breakfast. Try it to believe it, the effects are amazing."

Dr Peracchi, what is the treatment you use most for allergies at the Medical Spa of the Hotel Terme Merano?
"There are many treatments but I recommend energy acupuncture, which gives excellent results in a short time."

What do you think of home-made rinses to flush the mucous membranes of the nose?
I think they are a useful aid. I suggest you sulphurous water for your rinses.

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